Hipsters doing it big with free Kim Jong-Un haircuts

Source: If you saw the poster advertising “free Kim Jong-Un haircuts” at Bushwick Open Studios this past weekend, you probably thought: is this for real? and would anyone actually get their hair trimmed “in accordance with the socialist lifestyle”? The answer is yes and yes.

Katie Grace McGowan – the “invisible theater” artist who offered the haircuts on Saturday at ArtHelix – says seven people actually let her take the clippers to them, even though she’s a self-described “naturally ungifted” hairdresser with pretty much zero experience. (Until recently, she was curator of education and public engagement at MoCA Detroit) And still more opted to get their existing hair styled a la North Korean dictator.



I’ll say the whole hating hipsters is a bit played out, because honestly the more attention you give them and their weird antics, the more powerful they become and the more they will do those things. They’re like 9 year olds who say one funny thing and get a laugh, then do that thing like 800 times over, expecting the same reaction. But if you’ve ever wondered how fucking weird it gets, especially in Brooklyn, this is a pretty accurate example. “Artists” running all over the place doing dumb stuff to each other because everyone here wants to be the next crazy newsworthy thing. It’s a fucking zoo! Communist haircuts here, topless rollerbladers there, some dude jerking off on a thorn bush to prove a point. You gotta keep your head on a swivel or you’ll get eaten alive. No one has to worry about gangs or shootings anymore probably, just worry about hipsters doing something borderline psychotic near/to/on you.

The only time they kind of got me was when two started taking pictures of my tattoos on the subway with a super old camera from like the fucking 1890’s and then just casually walked away like I wasn’t awake and completely aware of the whole situation. I was completely speechless and to make it weirder absolutely no one around me seemed to think it was out of the ordinary at all. Everyone just kind of kept their eyes down. It’s a strange, strange place. I’m in the belly of the beast. If I’m not careful I’m going to accidentally start enjoying Arcade Fire and using moustache wax. Chest out Tim, they can smell your fear!



Also, I totally get why the latin people in Bushwick typically hate white people. I don’t care who you are, but if every day a bunch of rich young kids moved into your neighborhood and start giving each other communist haircuts, you would get annoyed too. Can’t deny that.

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